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Redemption Downtown is living out the mission, vision and values of Redemption Community Church through a missional community strategy. Missional communities meet weekly in smaller groups to create a more personal space for relationship and restoration, while including the elements of prayer, worship, teaching, and the Lord's Supper. 

Each missional community focuses on living on mission for a specific community. Once a month, each Missional Community gathers together for a night of worship in Downtown Belleville to celebrate and share the love of Christ with more people. Once a month, each Missional Community will host a Serve Day event to serve their community. When Missional Communities hit a certain number, they will multiply as a new MC focused on a new community. 

We currently have one MC meeting:

MC Highland

Hall House

201 Wabash Ave

Every Thursday from 6-8pm




At RCC Downtown, we are committed to serving three main groups of people — a field, a family and a few. Here's what this looks like, in a very practical sense:

A FIELD: Serving and loving the mission field we've been called to, which is the city of Belleville and the people who call this community home. 

A FAMILY: Gathering as an RCC Downtown family on Sunday mornings, where we get together to celebrate, worship God and get the teaching we need to be equipped for the week ahead.

A FEW: Making and multiplying disciples through personal relationships.